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family consist of Eric, myself, the kids Joshua and Savannah, our cat Maize and our 2 turtles, Chippy and Myrtle.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Birthday guys, sorry its late....

Well I blew it again..... My friend Donnas B-day was on Saturday and I have been so busy lately I completly forgot. I am so sorry. Her husbands was the 8th I believe... Hope you all had a great day.

My candles were shining bright Sunday for my friends and family

Heather sent me an email last week and asked me to light a candle for her son Evan that passed away, she sent a link to a website, there was not a ceremony here in Las Cruces to go to, so I decided to light a candle for each of my friends and family that has lost a child or a sibling. I had 5 candles lit from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.. I decided that I would do everything in my power to make sure that there is a ceremony here in Las Cruces next year, I am going to contact them and see what I need to do.
For each of the people I lit a candle for, you are forever in our hearts and are missed deeply, and for Evan that I did not know, I wish I had the opportunity to meet you from everything I hear you are such an awesome boy and I know you are deeply loved and missed also.
Wish I could have been there for you Heather, you were thought about and prayed for all night....We love you.

Saturday night me and Eric went to my Christmas party, it was fun. I wish that it was for the family and not just adults, but me and Eric dont get out too much so it was nice to get away for a couple hours....this Saturday is Erics and that one is for the family. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Sunday we took the kids down to get there pics taken for Christmas (a little late yes I know) but we will get them out. Usually they take like 6 pics to choose from, no not in this case, it took them a good 30 minutes to get one pic, and I still didnt like it but thought thats as good as its gonna get. Savannah will not take her pics. AI didnt get any for her b-day, I took her 3 times and she cried the whole time. So i decided that next year I will take her down every month just to walmart or something and get her used to it so by the time her b-day and Christmas comes she will smile....... She loves to take her picture at home or with the regular camera just get her in front of the ones at the portrait studio and she freaks.

Well hope you all had a great weekend...
I'ts almost here...I am getting excited 13 more days..
Have a good week everyone.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

They say pick your battles !!

Well I am picking this one, maybe I am being too harsh but I dont care....
Eric and I have been together for almost 8 years and we have NEVER took pictures together, he always pisses and moans and I say forget it. This year I decided I am not giving in, so he said Ok I will take pictures.....YEAH
Then last night I told him after work today I am going to the store and picking up the clothes that I want us all to wear. He said I have clothes, yeah but nothing christmassy. He says so what are you getting, I said me and you are wearing red and the kids are wearing white. He says I am not wearing anything red, of course you are you'll wear what i want you too and I want us to match. He says I have clothes in the closet. He wants to wear a dress shirt that is black and brown kind of like a plaid pattern. YUCK
I said no we wont match. So he says I am not wearing a sweater. and then it was just back and forth, yes you are, no im not. I finally just said screw it, I'll just take the kids' pics again. Should I stand my ground or just give in again? Or just let him wear what he wants? They say you should pick your battles why fight over stupid things, but its not like we take pics every month, we have never why cant he just wear what I want him too.
How do you feel about the airplane shooting yesterday.
I was watching the news this morning getting ready for work and I have to say Good for them for shooting him....My mom said "Debby" when i told her that. She says there are other things they could have done, walked him off the plane, took him to the side and detained him...My response Give it a rest... The man is on a plane running up the aisle saying he has a bomb in his backpack, they pulled out there guns, identified themselves, and he reaches for his backpack, I would have done the same thing. Are they supposed to wait until they know for sure if he has a bomb, what is knowing for sure when they are all laying on the floor 1/2 dead from a bomb that just blew up. My mom says Debby he was sick and didnt have his medicine, well maybe the wife should have made sure he sat down and shut up then, watched him carefully, informed the staff working. They bitch cause this guy is dead and he didnt even have a bomb but if he did and killed 1/2 the people or all the people on the plane then people would be bitching where were the agents on board, why didnt they do anything.
So I agree with their decision but I know alot of people will not.

Tonight I am going and taking the kids' pics for Christmas....A little late, yeah I know. But I'll get those cards out as soon as I can. Some years I will make them all out and then never send them.....oops

Hope you are all having a great week, today is wonderful because I got rid of my 2 day old headache.......YIPPEE

God I miss California....Last night it got down to 14 degrees, and today the high is 44 degrees, yeah I am not a winter person at all, I enjoy wearing shorts year around.. Eric thinks he is still in cali cause he still wears shorts all year.....DUMBASS...LOL
I miss my not so cold winters. But I guess it is not as bad as some of the pics and posts I have read from the people that live back East. DDont know how you do it.

Well guys have a good one...

Friday, December 02, 2005

TGIF ! ! ! !

Well it has been a very long week, but Thank God it's Friday....
This weekend I have a yard to clean, we had our first freeze of the year so almost every leaf on my tree has fallen....I am waiting for them all to fall because raking and bagging leaves is not my favorite chore in the world, so I am only doing it once.
Heres a couple pics of Savannah playing in the yard...

The other day Josh spent the night at my moms house to hang out with his cousin for awhile...I went the next day to pick him up and this is what I saw........

Good thing for me it was crooked and he ended up shaving his whole head..I've always been one to say thought that its just hair, not permanent, so it's ok..

We put our tree up last weekend, heres a couple pics of the kids putting ornaments on the tree... Between Savannah and the cat the bottom of the tree is bare from them taking them off and playing with them. I suspect it will be a few years before I can have a big beatiful tree again that wont get played with all the time.
I chose not to get a big tree this year for that reason Savannah and the cat are always playing with it and I am afraid it will fall over on her.
I am soooooooooo in the Christmas spirit this year..I t is my favorite holiday, but there are some years I just cannot get into it.

Well have a great weekend....Be safe and have fun. Ill be shopping-WWWHHHHHOOOOOAAAA

Friday, November 18, 2005

Have a great weekend!!

Well this week has gone by pretty slow, but Friday is finally here. Hope you all had a good week and I hope you all have an even better weekend...
Here is a website you can check out if you want to get a jump start on next friday, THE BIGGEST SHOPPING DAY OF THE YEAR......gotta love it.... It tells you everything that is going to be onsale the day after Thanksgiving, there are just no pics just the description. I will be out there with my mom and the other 1/2 of Las cruces....
This week I have been having some trouble with Josh and school, I am going to have him evaluated for ADD, I know I was on Ridilin from the time I was 1 to 14, I am very scepticle about putting him on meds and will look into it a great deal before putting him on anything, but he is disrupting the class so much now and it is not fair for the kids that are there to learn. he is being called out of class today to have a talk with the principle because all the teachers are complaining. So we will see what happens, I am not completly against the medication as long as he is not like a zombie after taking it, I mean he is a child and should be able to be active like one, but like I said its getting bad at school.
Well guys have a great weekend....have fun and be safe.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I have been a complete emotional wreck for the last week....Don't know why, I cry on the drop of a dime and get my feelings all hurt over nothing, you would think I am pregnant (but I AM NOT)....And what made me come to this conclusion is last night I was watching TV I switched over to My Fair Brady and it was the season finale, has anyone been watching this or did you watch the last would have thought someone passed away the way I was crying...OMG get over it. I hope these emotions leave real soon cause I hate cry babies......LOL

I hope everyone has a great weekend....Be safe and have fun!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This has been such a peaceful and quiet week so far, tomorrow is my Friday....Yippee, I get a 3 day weekend. Nothing much planned so far for the weekend. sleep sleep sleep... I always say this and some how it never ends up like this....LOL Anyone got anything exciting they are going to do.
Next weekend is the 2005 Special Olympics, me and Josh volunteer for this every year. Josh has made some really awesome friends through this. I hope he wants to continue to do it with me every year and even after he is grown and gone I hope he continues with it, its awesome I LOVE IT.
Well thats about all on my end......Have a great day!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Just another Manic Monday!!

I am suffering today from this weekend.... I am so tired coffee and Pepsi are doing nothing.
Well I had a wonderful weekend. I was very busy all weekend, and that makes the weekend seem that much shorter. Friday night we just hung out, watched some movies and a couple of Erics friends came over. Satuday I spent the day shopping for Eric and getting ready for his get together, he said he did not want a Luau because lately our friends have been getting into arguments so we cancelled it, but then all the same people showed up anyway so we could have still had it. I spent most of the evening in the house with the kids and painting, (just not my cup of tea to hang out with a bunch of guys and watch them get drunk ) and yesterday was his actual birthday and I knew we would spend the day together so it didnt bother me. I didnt sleep that much that night cause they were so loud but we dont have get togethers that often so i didnt complain.....much.
Then yesterday we woke up I made breakfast and we watched some football, then Erics dad was on his way back to Cali....(we miss you already Al, loved having you here) and then we took the kids to the Renassiance Fair...what a waste of money I think. It is not like the one in Cali at all...mostly just craft booths a few things for the kids to do, I paid 12.00 just for one of those things that goes on the girls head with ribbons and bows there is a pic below of it...
And then last night I stayed up with Eric and watched a movie...
We got him a couple shirts and a movie (hitch hikers guide to the galaxy) what a dumb movie... and The Warriors game, and I bought him a hat...everything people buy him are the Cowboys, im sick of the Cowboys so i bought him an Atlanta Braves hat, and it looked differnent then the usual hat with the A on it, so he opens it and he says why would you buy me a Falcons hat...I said its not its the braves, he says no its the falcons....well shit I guess I just should have stayed with the Cowboys.

Well here are a few pics from out weekend...
Hope you all had a fun weekend....
And you have to go check out groody jodees blog, she a her baby....a beatiful baby boy shes got some pics posted already.....Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy.

Here is a couple pics of Erics party

Here are a couple pics of the kids playing with Al, and a pic of Al and Eric and the kids....

And here are a couple pics from the Fair: